Spend Smart! Target your ad spend.

Best Practice Series: Targeted Advertising

Targeted Spend by Zip

Q4 2020 is almost here. And what a year it has been! As we look ahead 2021 with hope, it would be     great to end this year strong.  Ending Q4 strong means a strong focus on targeting your advertising in   the right geographies.

At iAuto we have seen that a strong focus on geographies ensures the best return on advertising   spend. It starts with segmenting your geographies into Core, Develop and Target segments. Core   geographies are where most of your customers are, your backyard. Develop geographies are where you have opportunity to increase penetration and Target geographies are ones you want to reach.

The best practice approach to targeting geographies is to –

  • Assess and optimize your advertising spend across geographies based on where the spend is needed most.
  • Allocate your spend based on your Core, Develop and Target geographies. Shotgun approach doesn’t work, be specific about where your spend is allocated.
  • Recalibrate each month and repeat the process to ensure your spend reaches all the geographies it needs to.


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