The leader in automobile advertising analytics, iAuto Analytics helps dealers plan and execute advertising decisions to sell more cars.


MarketScope for Dealers delivers easy-to-follow monthly advertising recommendations.

Each month you will receive a MarketScope report on:

  • How much to spend on advertising for the upcoming month
  • Which zip-codes to target advertising
  • Which models to focus advertising
  • What can expect to sell in coming months
  • How your dealership performance compares to competitors’ performance

With these recommendations in-hand dealers can:

  • Collaborate with their ad agencies on how best to spend their advertising budgets.
  • Improve dealership planning and operations based on model-level sales forecasts.
  • Strategize with OEM and other stakeholders on how best to grow their business and sell more cars.

How it Works:

In the automobile industry, car sales are different each month and sales are impacted by a variety of factors such as market demand, competitors, incentives, competitors’ incentives, seasonality and market trends. Your advertising should reflect these monthly differences and account for all these factors before making advertising spend decisions, but they are often not. Smart dealers think about advertising planning at this granular level to improve impact. iAuto Analytics is the only provider to offer the automobile industry a solution that considers all key market conditions. MarketScope delivers recommendations and guidance to help dealers plan and execute advertising decisions to sell more cars.

When dealers use MarketScope to guide their advertising spend decisions they:

Increase car sales

More targeted advertising to optimize return on advertising investments

Eliminate advertising waste

More efficient advertising spend to avoid spending beyond diminishing returns

Improve business processes and performance

More systematic approach that takes the guesswork out of your advertising planning


MarketScope for Dealers is a cost-effective monthly subscription.

Subscriptions start at $250 per month.

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You are in good company. These are just a few of the automobile manufacturers iAuto works with.

Using MarketScope, dealers can expect a 10x return on their investment through greater sales and optimized marketing spend.
They can also expect up to 30% savings from their current advertising.

Hear what Steve Mader, a former Dealer of the Year and Owner of Southtowne Motors, has to say about MarketScope. Watch the video.


Get the resources you need to ensure you are making the smartest spend decisions for your dealership

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Testimonial Video: Hear from Steve Mader, former Dealer of the Year and Owner of Southtowne Motors

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About Us

The leader in automobile advertising analytics, iAuto Analytics helps dealers make smarter advertising decisions to sell more cars.

According to Ad Age Leading National Advertisers 2019 Fact Pack, $218B is spent on advertising and $13.8B of it is spent in automobile advertising. Of this spend, anywhere from 26-40% is considered wasted.

Large national and global enterprises, including automotive manufacturers, are applying big data and analytics to drive key marketing and other business decisions. We set out to bring these capabilities to local automotive dealerships by developing MarketScope for Dealers. MarketScope offers Fortune 500 big-data thinking to local-level advertising decision-making, providing local dealerships a powerful tool to guide their advertising spend decisions.

More important than what we do is how we do it. At every step of the way, at every touch point, we want our customers to see and feel our guiding principles and values:

  • To keep our customers at the center of all we do – we care about the success of our dealers
  • To be a trusted adviser to our customers – we are a partner in their success
  • To act with integrity in all matters – we are transparent about what our solution will provide and its limitations

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iAuto Analytics is the leader in automobile advertising analytics for local area dealerships providing optimized marketing spend recommendations based on key market influencers to increase market share. With iAuto’s MarketScope, dealers can plan how much to spend on advertising, which model to advertise and which zip-codes to target. With iAuto, customers increase sales, eliminate advertising waste, and improve business processes and performance. iAuto Analytics operates nationwide and is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.