Systematically measure and utilize market response to advertising - across all channels

Your sales and share are impacted by your marketing activity as well as - competitors, brands, season, market conditions and other factors.

Features & Capabilities

Big Data and analytics solution to increase sales share and optimize marketing spend.
Change your marketing spend each month based on predicted future needs.

Measured Response to Marketing

Solution utilizes advances statistical methods and data to understand response to marketing activities. Not just digital, all channels.

Data Driven

Recommendations based on current and historical sales, share, traditional advertising, online advertising and social media data

Improves Share

Algorithms based on sales/share and marketing activities for the ENTIRE market and focus on increasing your sales SHARE (not just unit sales)


Our Services

In addition to our cloud based marketing recommendations software solution, we offer services
to ensure your marketing process is delivering ROI.


Not a black box. We explain why the algorithms are making the marketing recommendations and expected results

Marketing Process

Implement a systematic process. Streamline your marketing process to be systematic, frequent and data driven.

Direct Mail

Target the right prospects. Direct mail campaign lists based on targeted geographies for conquest and loyalty prospects

Reputation Management

Monitor social media and ratings for your dealership and competitors.

Agency Services

Reach the right audience. Manage your social media presence and engagement. Targeted social media advertising.

Email Marketing

Create and nurture relationships with your customers with newsletter services.

Results Delivered

Do not take our word for it, we have delivered results!
Our auto dealership clients represent the following brands:

About Us

We have over 20 years of experience in data driven analytics for marketing decision support.
After delivering results to global automobile brands, we are now bringing the capabilities to local auto dealers and groups.

We will be your in-house marketing team

Our goal is to be your cost effective marketing partner and provide solutions and services that would otherwise take you a team of technology, marketing and analytics professionals.

We cater to your marketing needs - we can provide full service capabilities or fill-in where you need the most help. Contact us anytime and we'll provide you with a no-obligation assessment of key value drivers for your business.

  • Optimized spend recommendations
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing, Newsletter Service
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
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Our Process

We have a proven process and methodology that delivered significant value to global brands and local automotive dealers
Our process, in a nutshell, is to partner with you and deliver value and results!



Understand Your Needs



Determine Approach



Implement Solution



Test Capabilities



Measure Benefits

Skills and History

Our team brings decades of core competencies and skills.
Most importantly, we are passionate about marketing and analytics and thrive on our clients' success.

Our Skills

Multi-Channel Marketing Analytics
Targeted Direct Mail
Social Media Management
Email Marketing

Our History

Worked with major automotive OEMs to develop and implement pricing and incentive management capabilities.

Solution implemented for automotive OEMs delivered $100s of Millions in documented benefits.

The iAuto Analytics team embarked on a mission to develop data driven marketing capabilities for local automotive dealers.

Worked closely with a number of industry professionals and automotive dealers in Georgia, Texas and Florida to develop and test the solution.

Launched the iAuto Analaytics MarketScope solution on a limited scale and observed encouraging results - dealers saw increases in share of 1% - 4% along with a reduction in advertising spend.

Gathered positive feedback from users on the ease of use and effectiveness of the solution.


No data required from you! We bring our own data, you can supplement if needed.
After using the solution's advertising recommendations for 90 days, we will track two key metrics - share improvement, ad spend reduction.
The solution is priced on a monthly subscription basis. Call now for introductory pricing!


Get in Touch

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your advertising and marketing ROI and how we can help!
Contact us for a no obligation consultation and how you can try our capabilities.

Contact Info

iAuto Analytics LLC
2451 Cumberland Parkway, Ste 3374
Atlanta, GA 30339